Motivational Speaker/Goal Achievement Strategist and Business Coach Pat Council

My Goal is to Help You Meet Your Goal.

Pat Council is a goal achievement strategist, business coach, podcaster, author, speaker and entrepreneur. As the CEO of Power Up Nation, Inc, she shares information on effective communication, personal growth, sales, customer service and more.  Her purpose is to help any group or individual who is rebuilding, transitioning, or working on leveling up.  Whether presenting in a workshop, at a conference, coaching, or giving a keynote speech, Pat is very effective at inspiring others to take results-oriented action.

“The strategies I share are designed to expose the power and magnificence of the human potential and to inspire action that leads to results. I enjoy discussing all the different ways you can monetize your wonderful talents, as you discover the keys to building a quality life filled with meaning.  I am extremely passionate about sharing ways to thrive by releasing your magnificence and embracing your God-given talents.  The methods I share have been proven to work based on the results and feedback I have received from those I have worked with through the years.  I have used these same methods to achieve my own personal and business goals, and to bounce back from failure.  (I like to keep it real).”

“I have successfully provided training using programs I designed for sales teams, organizations, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, military veterans, retirees in transition and individuals who needed help creating a successful strategy or coaching to achieve their goals.”  (Click to See Testimonials).


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01. Goal Achievement strategist

We are not all the same, so I help others discover their personal path to achievement.  I have studied both scientific and spiritual aspects of achievement.  I like to have fun and my interactive delivery style matches that fun every, while getting results.   Helping others discover ways to express the magnificence needed to achieve is my “super power.” – Book or Call Pat

02. Keynote Speaker

I have experienced a lot of successes and failures. With my keynotes I bring my brand of wisdom, laced with humor that will make any conference or event memorable.  My goal is to create an atmosphere of connection and acceptance that encourages participants to deal with the obstacles that prevent success. Whether I’m sharing at a sales, corporation, or organization’s event, I love to leave my audiences excited and more confident. – Book or Call Pat     

03. Business Coach

All of my setbacks and challenges have taught me keys to success.  As a certified life and sales coach, Pat’s  25 years of experience and her ability to connect with others makes for a great coaching experience.  She has acquired extensive knowledge through both college degrees, certifications and hands on experience in sales, communication, marketing, business and goal achievement. – Find out more

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Courses, Coaching and Workshops

Are you ready to create your quality life and grow your dream business?  Get on track and stay on track with content-rich information that will help you grow both personally and professionally.  Build skills that will connect you to customers, monetize your business, add spark to your life and “Do Life with Power™”.  Click photo to find out more.


Podcast Designing Your Life Today

Are you rebuilding, transitioning or working to level up in life?  Listen to Designing Your Life Today featuring Pat Council.  Get simple strategies for achieving goals, as you stay inspired while listening to keys to living a quality life and monetizing your dream business. Click on photo to listen.

Power Biz Strategy Session

Get the breakthrough you need with a session that’s filled with marketing ideas and actionable strategies filled with measurable results.  Get clarity, direction and focus. Reduce the stress of running a business.  Increase profits and reignite your passion for business.  Take the pressure off.  Get a strategy that helps your business flow. Click on photo to schedule.

Make Your Conference or Training Event Magnificent and Memorable with Pat


 “Thank you for helping out up and coming entrepreneurs like myself.  You provided ideas on how to generate new clients, and  bridging ways to generate income.  I loved your positive energy, and genuine answers to my multiple questions…. Looking forward to your next event.” Jason Ferris

“This is the second one of Pat’s workshops I’ve attended. She helped me organize my business and my daily living.  We talked marketing, money, organization, selling and lots of other stuff. This changed my life The openness in this workshop made it fun and very effective!” Kirk Clark

“If I had met you three years ago, my business would have been a lot further along.  You really know your stuff and it works!” Tanya Smith

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