“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein.

When we hear the word success we usually equate that to money, but achieving success is not just about planning and performing linear tasks that will technically promote your career. Success is a many faceted approach, that moves you toward all encompassing happiness and victory on many levels.

If you want to shift to super success the first step is to identify the warning signs of any toxic consciousness. A toxic consciousness is one where you constantly find the negativity in situations or your think of yourself as less than you really are.

Until you identify the warning signs of a toxic consciousness, only then can you move on to the next vital step of changing your current, position in life and then you have begun to shift into the start of your success.

After identifying any toxic consciousness, it will become easier to make shifts in your thinking. Making consistent shifts in your own consciousness is done by challenging your current perceptions about life. Many of our perceptions about life were formed when we were younger and were not knowledgeable enough to know that we needed to block or dismiss certain ideas.

For example, there are parents who would not allow their children to go into the water and there was a fear created in the child about water. As a result, the child became an adult who had the perception that water was “bad”. How ridiculous is that. Instead, of teaching the child to swim and connect with something, created for enjoyment, fear was used to keep the child away from water and a misperception was created. What misperception do you have about yourself because someone told you something about yourself that was not true or what misperceptions have you created on your own to add to what already existed?

If you want to shift to being a super successful person, face your misperceptions, challenge them and then go to the next step in the shift by deliberately creating new positive and powerful expectations for your life. This we will call a “positive, powerful, consciousness creation”. In order to achieve a positive, powerful consciousness creation, it is absolutely necessary to create a core of confidence. A core of confidence consists of your values and desires. If you have your core of confidence it can be used to inspire you to live out your passions and to uphold your values.

It is also necessary to implement self-valuing, peace and authentic empowerment in your personal perception. And here is a tricky one you must hold a view of the world as safe, unlimited in abundance and exciting in its potential. These are healthy ideas that cause us to release the energy needed to obtain super success. Sometimes people can embrace attitudes and beliefs that are contrary to those that produce healthy results. It is important to know that in order to shift to a success consciousness, you must consistently intervene on the old, negative, and self-destructive mentalities that keep creating any misery you might be experiencing.

When you identify the toxic thoughts, and you are truly ready to succeed, you will adjust your thinking to a more positive point-of-view. If you do not take charge then you will begin to negate yourself. People who negate themselves feel unimportant and those are some of the people who try to drain the life out of others by always looking for validation, instead giving it and uplifting others. Remember a successful life is always formulated from the inside out. What are the expectations you have for your life?

It is important to answer this question. Just because you have identified your core values and your passion that does not mean you’ve established a level of expectation benchmarked for your life. If you have not, chances of you shifting toward super success are not likely so take the time to create your expectations for yourself.

Keep in mind, when establishing your expectation levels this would include what you expect mentally, financially, spiritually, and emotionally, included in that would be the types of relationships you would expect to have in your life. There are several other areas you want to set levels in, such that your life is well rounded.

Be sure to make a written list of your expectations. That’s because this is how focus is created. Some of us are good at establishing a focus without writing things down and some of us, because of personality types are not. Writing things down and referring to them daily will keep you focused on your destiny.

The “Laws of Success” do not change to accommodate personality types. Success in and of itself is simple to achieve, it is our personality quirks and perceptions that can interfere with the amount of time it may take to reach your acceptable destination, so focus is necessary.

Because success begins on the inside, it is important to be aware of yourself. Begin to relate to your authentic self. As you do, you will begin see what is right with the world and you will definitely start shifting toward super success. Making any shift that will take you into your will of bliss requires that you push through your comfort barrier. Many have heard it called a “comfort zone”, but when you remain in your comfort zone and it is not getting you what you want and you are not living your life by design, you now have barriers that are blocking the flow to your success. In short, focus on the positive, create expectations for your life and start living.

Pat Council is an empowerment specialist, success consultant, radio show host, speaker and writer who specializes in help others recognize their potential. Listen to her show. “Designing Your Life Today” daily. She has also recently authored a new book, “High Impact Power Principles: An Action Guide for Success”. For information visit: http://www.designingyourlifetoday.com.