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Designing Your Life Today featuring Pat Council

Goal Achievement Strategist, Pat Council shares simple strategies for building your dream life and achieving your goals.

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Show’s Highlights

  • High Profile Guests Periodically
  • Interactive Ideas
  • Relationship and Wealth Tips

Sisters Loving Life
featuring Pat Council

Be inspired start living a confident life and loving it. Get ideas for taking life to the next level and building friendships that strengthen your self-esteem. Also, take control of your life personally and financially.

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Show’s Highlights

  • Release Your Confidence
  • Adopt a Winner’s Mindset
  • Build Financial Independence


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Stereotype. Have you ever judged or been prejudged? This entertaining podcast will make you think and reveal that we have more in common than we think. Discover ways to make connections to others.

Show’s Highlights

  • Boost your success by learning to connect to others
  • Have Fun Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone