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High Impact Power Goal Setting

High Impact Power Goal Setting

An Action Guide for Maximum Goal Achievement 7.00 Click

High Impact Power Principles

An Action Guide for Achieving Ultimate Success. 9.99  Click

start winning book on

Start Winning! (New)

How to Achieve Like the Top 8% (Percent) 14.00 Click

The Power, Pat Council

The P.O.W.E.R.

Using What You Have to Achieve Success   14.00 Paperback 9.99 Kindle Click 

What Makes Mother's Great

A Story of Unconditional Love (Loving Mom Inspire of Everything) 4.95 Click

Breakthrough to Success, Pat Council, Success Books

Breakthrough to the Success Zone

Having Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance in Your Life  14.00 Click

Workshops and Coaching

Pat would love to hang out with you at one her interactive workshops.  Be sure to get your name on the list to be notified about  upcoming workshops.  Some are free! Click here to add your name to the “Power Up Today” group and stay informed.

Need some extra coaching? Attend one of Pat’s workshops specifically designed for group coaching.   It’s your time to develop the best strategy and get the results desired.  Also, get the inspiration and accountability needed for personal success.  

Transformational Coaching (Free to Achieve)

Coaching designed to inspire living from a position of power and to spark more excitement in your life.  Discover how to overcome obstacles and create the continuity needed for goal achievement.  Clarify your values and get a better understanding of your real goals.  This workshop is designed for anyone who is serious about achieving goals and feeling the freedom to get it done. Learn more…

Entrepreneur Coaching

Coaching designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners increase revenues, organize the business to facilitate and accommodate growth. Discover ways to increase your sales and improve demand for your services.  Keep me informed

Power Achievers Group Coaching

Attend one of our group sessions online and get ideas for achieving your business and personal goals.  Participate in  fun and inspiring discussions that inspire achievement.  Solve challenges, get answers, and thrive.   Keep me informed

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