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Motivational Speaker/Goal Achievement Strategist and Business Coach Pat Council

My Goal is to Inspire You to Achieve Your Goal.

Pat Council is a goal achievement strategist, certified business coach, podcaster, author, speaker and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience. As the CEO of Power Up Nation, Inc, she shares strategies for strengthening confidence, and keys to effective business and personal communication.  As well as goal achievementstrategies, sales techniques, and strategies to iprove customer service.  Whether presenting live or online, Pat is very effective at providing effective strategies and inspiring others to take results-oriented action.

“Life, business and work is filled with challenges.  Learning to respond from a position of power gives you the ability to keep moving forward, find your wisdom to win.”

                        “I call that doing life with power!”   

“I have provided training programs I designed to inspire connection and results.  Sales teams, organizations, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, military veterans, retirees in transition and individual coaching students have benefitted by achieving amazing results.”  (Click to See Testimonials).


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Goal Setting Infographic

Get some strategies for setting effective goals and start planning the best strategy to achieve them.  Click to download.

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Podcast - Designing Your Life Today

Get the strategies for goal setting and goal achievement.  Achieve, build your magnificent life and start “doing life with power.”™


Pat Council Speaker

Pat Council - Rated Best Presenter

Pat Council has been consistently rated as the best presenter at live and online conferences.  Comment provided on evaluation form by  facilitator:  “Some respondents were not satisfied just giving a “5” rating.  Pat received a “10”, a “5+++” and a “5+”. 

Some Companies & People I’ve Worked With

companies Pat Council worked with

“Before talking to Pat, I had no direction in my life.  In the weeks worked together she has helping me clarify what it is I want to do and most importantly she helped me create road map to get there.  She listens and is able to help you put into action what you’ve dream about but was unclear and needed direction.  Pat is a championship coach and is just awesome at what she does!”

“Thank you for helping out up and coming entrepreneurs like myself.  You provided ideas on how to generate new clients, and  bridging ways to generate income.  I loved your positive energy, and genuine answers to my multiple questions…. Looking forward to your next event.”

Jason Ferris

Security Consultant

“Pat Council has a passion and gift to motivate people to reach their full potential in life and business. I learned to understand the mindset, behaviors, and actions of successful achievers. Pat’s work is powerful and transforming; it has made a difference in my professional life within a short time, which has tremendously improved my quality of life.”

Sharlay Smith

CEO, The Lentil House

“This is the second one of Pat’s workshops I’ve attended. She helped me organize my business and my daily living.  We talked marketing, money, organization, selling and lots of other stuff. This changed my life The openness in this workshop made it fun and very effective!” 

Kirk Clark

CEO, Hey Man No Man

“If I had met you three years ago, my business would have been a lot further along.  You really know your stuff and it works!”

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