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I’m Pat Council 

Founder of Power Up Nation, a company created to provide information and resources that teaches men and women how to succeed in life, build wealth in business and to live their magnificent dream life using Spiritual Principles.  As a life and business coach, I do not teach theories, I provide proven strategies and philosophies that I know work, because I have used them to create a successful life.  As a coach, I am excited to work with men and women who are committed to discovering their God-given purpose, setting goals around their purpose, and monetizing those goals while living a quality life. That’s how we, “do life with power!™”

Welcome to Power Up Nation, the brainchild of Pat Council, a beacon of transformation in the world of life and business coaching. Pat Council isn’t just a coach; she’s a catalyst for monumental success, teaching men and women the art of living a dream life drenched in wealth and fulfillment. With a rich tapestry of personal victories and a multi-7 figure business legacy, Pat offers a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and guidance rooted in scientific and spiritual wisdom.

From the disciplined ranks of the military to the dynamic world of real estate, where she soared to the top in record time, Pat’s journey is a testament to her innate prowess in sales and service. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to not only establish her own real estate empire but also to nurture a team of top-tier producers.

“Do Life with Power!”™ encapsulates Pat’s philosophy: a life where you’re the architect of your destiny, where settling is not an option, and where every action is a bold stroke on the canvas of your existence. Inspired by Thomas Edison’s ethos of astonishing oneself, Pat’s approach is about unlocking the extraordinary that exists within.

Pat Council

Build Your Magnificent Life

Pat’s narrative is one of resilience and reinvention. From humble beginnings to a decorated entrepreneur, from navigating the tumultuous tides of the economy to personal trials that tested her resolve, her story is a powerful reminder that life’s design is ours to create. It’s a tale of quiet introspection, of rediscovering one’s passions, and the alchemy of turning those passions into a thriving business and a magnificent life.

Achieve More Than Goals

At Power Up Nation, it’s not just about achieving goals; it’s about awakening to the truth that propels you towards your dreams. It’s about expanding your mindset, elevating your income, and enriching the quality of your life. Pat is committed to equipping you with the strategies, techniques, and tools necessary to construct your own edifice of success.

Join Our Power Up Nation 

Join us on this exhilarating journey of achievement, because here at Power Up Nation, we believe we are all “built by design to win.”™ The adventure begins with designing your life today. Dive in and discover how you can start “doing life with power!”™  Get on Pat’s email list, click here.

Success Stories

"Pat, Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your coaching. I have been landing one location after another with the new sales technique and wealth principles you explained to me…with your advice I have much more to build on and feel so much more natural speaking with people. Getting coaching from you was one of the biggest steps in the right direction I've taken since entering into entrepreneurship. Thank you again for helping me exceed my goals and helping me take the pressure off. "

E. Megargel, Vending Machines

"You are truly amazing! I was absolutely floored by the information you provided to my group. They were truly excited and wanted to know when we were going to schedule another session. Many of them earned money the same day."

Kay Poole, President, VTEC 

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Books & Programs

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