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We hear a lot about income inequality these days. There are people who complain about the wealthy making too much money. Although, we would all like to have a certain level of wealth, being upset about someone’s wealth that has been earned through hard work and ingenuity is a waste of time. Complaining will not get anyone to the level of wealth or to the lifestyle truly desired. In fact, it pushes the wealth further away and attracts more of everything that is not wanted.

Anytime someone complains about another person’s earned wealth, they are professing lack and interfering with their own vision of wealth. As simple as it may sound, to gain wealth we must learn to establish and maintain a vision of the wealth we want in life. Of course, there are some very specific actions that must be taken to increase your personal wealth, but for this article we will discuss a “vision of wealth”, as one of the main actions to be taken.

1. You can only receive what you see yourself receiving. See yourself receiving the best. Keep seeing it until you believe it.

2. Take the time to understand how amazing you really are. When you understand your power, you are undisturbed by appearances. In other words, it does not matter what your reality looks like, right now. You will start celebrating your success long before it shows up.

3. Be grateful for where you are today. The tendency, for some, is to put themselves down, because they have not achieved the things they wanted to achieve, hold to your vision and give thanks that the end is accomplished, even before you achieve your goal. Do not worry about how the goal will be achieved, just have faith. Ideas and connections will come to you. When they do, take action.

4. Instead of complaining that someone else has the good life and you do not, see yourself having the life you desire. See your life as good and complete.

5. Define your personal vision of wealth. It could be perfect health, love in your life, greater financial supply, a larger or new home, more friends or the ability to express yourself through use of your gifts.

6. Remember your wealth comes through you, not to you, so your attitude toward wealth is important. Be open to receiving the best in your life. You can not think bargain basement and expect to get the best.

7. Share your vision with someone who can help you hold the vision when you allow a little doubt to creep into your mind. If you are new to focusing on a wealthy lifestyle, old thoughts can make you think your thoughts are just dreams that are not possible. Having someone remind of how capable you are will help you achieve your goals much faster.

You can control any situation, if you control yourself, so take the time to relax and write out your vision of wealth. Start seeing yourself as a person who has a life filled with prosperity. See a life of wholeness and then make the commitment to start living that way.

Pat Council is an empowerment specialist and success consultant, radio show host, speaker and author who specializes in helping others recognize their potential. View her new book, “High Impact Power Principles” at http://www.designingyourlifetoday.com and listen to her show, “Designing Your Life Today” daily.