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Numbers and pictures boost business

Numbers and pictures can boost your business. They are universal and when used correctly, your revenues and customer base can increase. When conveying a message, numbers and pictures can help your get the point across easier and clearer.

Numbers are universal. Almost everyone understand what they represent. Using percentages or decimal points to illustrate a success or failure rate can be powerful. For example, if you provide a service and 95% of your customers get results, making this known through marketing can add to you and your company’s credibility. This would also increase your customer base, as well as revenues.

Pictures can convey a clear message as well as an emotional message, almost universally. Who would not be able to relate to a picture of a smiling child or a happy couple? Using the right photos to complement your product or service can spark the right response from your intended market.

colors in business

Although, numbers and pictures can boost business, because they represent the same messages in almost any culture, beware of how you use colors. Colors do not mean the same thing in all cultures. For example: The color red represents many meanings in India, some of which are, wealth, power, purity and beauty. While in South Africa red is associated with mourning. In the United States we associate red with many things: Stop, danger, valour (our flag), love, and more. Of course, color meanings are becoming more blurred, because the internet is connecting us universally.

The best way to make your marketing count is to know your target market and to have an understanding of what they expect.

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Pat Council is a Goal Achievement Strategist who teaches people across the country how to take their visions of achievement a thought or a wish to a reality. She is the author of several books and the host of the popular podcast, Designing Your Life Today.