When you hear about having the perfect life, it’s important to remember that it does not mean you will never encounter different challenges throughout your lifetime. The quest or journey toward your perfect life is all about facing and conquering challenges.

That is where the phrase “victory is sweet” comes from. When things in life come easily, we often take that particular thing for granted. This gives you a reason to release your courage, face your challenges and pursue your perfect life.

The point is that we should not always look for the easiest path, the free ride, or the bargain basement way to life. It is still wiser to pay the price, because if the concept of you reap what you sow is true, you will receive the bigger better prize. Also, when you think about doing what it takes to reach your goals or to live your dream life, you will begin to understand, remember, or receive revelations of what your true destiny in life is all about.

And when we down play our power by settling for less than we think we deserve or by looking for a free ride, we begin to deny our destiny. Even if you have an idea of what your destiny is, the more you deny or downplay the best for your life your desire to live your true destiny will begin to fade. That is called settling in life. Here are the million dollar questions you may want to ask yourself: 1. Are you settling in life? 2. Have you been denying your destiny? If you are settling, make the decision that you are not going to settle anymore. Decide that you are going to fulfill your destiny. Once you decide write the phrase: “As of this day, I am making the commitment to live out my true destiny.” Of course, you do not want to write it, if you are not ready.

Keep in mind that as long as you deny your destiny, your life’s blueprint will not be perfected and you will feel unsatisfied and incomplete.

Many of us know what we want for our lives and we have some idea of where to start. If you are not living your dream life and carrying out your destiny, then the obvious thing to do would be to find out why. There are many flawed reasons you can come up with for not living your dream life, and for not finally unleashing the power you have been holding back.

One reason is because you may have allowed your inner critic to dominate your mind. Your inner critic is that little voice that gives you all the reasons why you should not do anything that brings about personal growth. No matter how unhappy you are, the inner critic is the voice that convinces you that it would not be a good idea to make any changes in your life. It convinces you to stay in the safety mode at all times. This inner voice tells you to become complacent and accept whatever comes your way, because that way of living is necessary for survival. The inner critic is not interested in helping you

The idea of pursuing your destiny can get you excited the moment you begin to think about it. Although, excitement is usually the beginning of any worthwhile pursuit, your inner critic can interfere with your positive thought process and create fear preventing any momentum. The key is to face any fear you may be having. When you face and conquer fears, you may not totally get rid of your inner critic, but you would gain more control of your life and your destiny.

List as many positive attributes and thoughts as you can. This will help you minimize your fear and each time you remember the positive things you have written, you will silence your inner critic. Also list what makes you the perfect person to carry out and complete your goal and that will help silence your inner critic and as bonus, it will sharpen your focus. The more you remind yourself that you are the perfect one to carry out your destiny; the more the winner in you will emerge.

The point is, you must consider pursuing any destiny that you feel compelled to complete. Who will benefit from what you are considering doing? Remember, what ever you feel your destiny is, it is not how big or small it is. It is all about whose life will it touch, so write down why it is important to follow your destiny and write down who it will help.

This will inspire you to add your destiny to your blueprint as you design your life and you will feel complete as you begin to live out your dreams.

Pat Council is an empowerment specialist, success consultant, radio show host, speaker and writer who specializes in help others recognize their potential. Listen to her show. “Designing Your Life Today” daily. She has also recently authored a new book, “High Impact Power Principles: An Action Guide for Success”. For information visit: http://www.designingyourlifetoday.com.