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There are men and women who spend time pining to have a certain woman or man in their life and yet, it never happens.  Some people spend their whole lives looking for something that is not outside them, but inside them.  They yearn for more and more and yet they never have enough.  They look through magazines and catalogs wishing for things that they don’t really believe they can have, nor do they believe they deserve it.  Finally, they spend their free time being entertained by television, so they don’t have to think about the life they are currently living, because on some level they have bought into the idea that the life they wish for is not possible for them.  It is only possible for the rich and famous.  Each day an unacceptable living routine becomes more acceptable, yet they are living with fantasize satisfaction, until one day their dissatisfaction overwhelms the fantasy.  They can no longer settle for the idea that everything is okay and all of a sudden, they are no longer in a hurry to watch their favorite mind numbing television program.  The life that many desire begins to overwhelm the need to mentally escape.  It finally dawns on them that if they want a better life they will have to earn it.

It is not enough to want and wish  for things.  In life we very seldom get what we want, but we do get everything we earn.  Earning our best life is not only about getting a job.  It is about building ourselves up to the point where we realize that we can have what we want, if we are willing to do the right kind of work.  The right work is rooted in our passions.  Why are we all here on this earth?  So many have been taught that we are here to make a living so that we can sustain ourselves and support our families. We are not on this earth simply to sustain ourselves and make living all about us individually.  We are not here to just acquire different levels of schooling, then get a job, make lots of bills to get some of the things we want, but really can’t afford and then spend the rest of our lives paying for them while being kept in a state of confusion by politicians. We are here to use our talents and gifts to share with the world in order to make it a better place and from that comes some of our greatest rewards and the things that we want in order to enjoy life.  That is what earning the things you want means.  That is not only a much better picture or vision, it is closer to the truth.   It means delivering your best as much as possible and not wasting valuable time arguing about what the politicians are not doing for us.  If we are no longer children, then why are pulling and tugging at adults to take care of us?  We are just as capable.  Capable meaning if we each use our gifts and talents, in our own right, we will each have a desired lifestyle that is real, comfortable, and full of peace.  The life desired will no longer be a fantasy.   Life is not meant to be lived with us all looking through one window, where we all have our faces pressed to the glass because we are looking at someone else’s life wishing it could be one of us.  Life is meant to be lived with excitement and from a position of  power.  This is what winners do.


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Pat Council is an author, inspirational public speaker, success consultant, and veteran.  She hosts an online show, “Designing Your Life Today” and has published several books, her latest book is called, “The P.O.W.E.R.: Using What You Have to Achieve Success”.